The USAID “Justice for All” Program

The activities of the USAID “Justice for All” Program (hereinafter referred to as the Program) are based on the achievements of the USAID “New Justice” Program and apply them to coordinate cooperation between USAID projects, the US Government, and other international donor organizations with Ukrainian partners.

Program implementation period: October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2026.

The purpose of the Program: to promote the idea of justice for all through the strengthening of the justice system, justice services and involving society to ensure an appropriate response to the legal problems and needs of Ukrainians.

The main tasks of the Program:

  • To contribute to the strengthening of the independence, accountability and effectiveness of the institutions of the judiciary and justice system of Ukraine along with the strengthening anti-corruption measures and improving the regulatory framework;
  • To improve access and quality of services/people-oriented facilities, support governmental and non-governmental partners to ensure equal access and justice for all, expand ways to achieve these goals;
  • To provide civil society and active citizens with means of monitoring the accountability of the judicial system and in the provision of services (provided by the institutions of the justice system), to strengthen the system of ensuring the quality of legal education, as well as to increase public demand for substantive judicial reform.

On September 8, 2023, the Commission and the Program signed a Protocol of Cooperation on Implementation of the USAID Justice for All Activity International Technical Assistance Program.

Tasks and areas of the Commission and the Program cooperation:

  • To jointly coordinate activities and combine resources to ensure effective mechanisms for achieving the overall purpose and fulfilling the tasks of the Program;
  • To improve the legal and regulatory framework, policy/methodology and strategy for the development of the justice system to ensure judicial independence and accountability.
  • To increase efficiency, productivity and integrity in judicial administration and judicial self-governance, in particular, due to increased level of transparency and publicity.
  • To provide expert and technical assistance to strengthen the institutional capacity of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine, in particular, to increase the independence and efficiency of its activities and processes;
  • To exchange information on the leading world practices, organize round tables, working meetings, study visits, trainings, seminars and other events within the scope of expert and technical assistance;
  • To provide hardware, software, as well as other property in the areas of expert and technical assistance.